Meet the Team - Brendan Budden

Born and raised in South Africa, Brendan gained a National Diploma in Building at Cape Technikon before moving to the UK in 1999. Since then he has focused on the commercial aspects of the construction industry working as a quantity surveyor for Structuretone, Chorus Group and Form 4 before joining Clifford Delvin’s commercial team in June 2018.

Previous members of Chorus Group’s commercial team now work at Clifford Devlin – has that helped you settle in?
Without a doubt. Each team has its own ways of doing things and it can take time to adapt. Having worked closely with, among others, Head of Building, Martin Doble, and Pre-Construction Manager, Keiron Murphy, on previous refurbishment and fit-out projects has given me instant familiarity of the approach taken by Clifford Devlin to project-work and helped me assimilate relatively seamlessly into the team.

So, has it been a gentle introduction to working in Clifford Devlin’s Building Division?
Quite the opposite I’ve had to hit the ground running! In my first week I was inducted into the team managing a new complex re-glazing scheme at the Headquarters of a global pharma brand in Buckinghamshire. It’s a complex 12-month project which involves procurement and management of a number of specialist sub-contractors from facade glass and cladding installation to M&E, drylining, decorating and scaffolding. The works are being carried out in fully occupied premises also, so we have the added complications of service isolations, traffic management, pollution control, installation of temporary facilities and a carefully planned and phased sequence of work within a tight programme involving regular liaison with the client’s professional team.

Reviewing your experience of renovating heritage properties are there any particular issues from a commercial perspective that characterise these types of projects?
Quite apart from the advanced planning that needs to take place, working in listed buildings tends to involve very specialist and skilled contractors to protect, preserve, salvage and repair features that need to be retained. The procurement of these specialists can be quite involved and final selection often requires careful and considered research into their previous projects and the taking up of detailed references. Also, as works progress it is quite common for hidden items to be discovered during the strip-out phase which can involve significant modifications to scope and methodology, which in turn require the subsequent processing of change-requests, cost reports and adjustments to the project’s accounts.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m an outdoors person and like to fill my free time with leisure pursuits such as fishing and paddle-boarding. When time allows, I also play the occasional game for the Old Cranleighans Hockey Club in Surrey.