Meet the Team

Dan Tuffin

Dan Tuffin joined Clifford Devlin’s asbestos team two years ago. He has over 12 years’ experience of Contracts Management having worked his way up from trainee removal operative during spells at Flintshaw, Rhodar and Silverdell.

As Contracts Manager Dan is responsible for the day-to-day management of asbestos removal including preparing quotations, carrying out risk assessments, preparing Plans of Work, resourcing projects and monitoring the performance of the works on-site. He is the principal point of contact for clients and other key stakeholders

Q: You started working life in IT – how did you come to work in the asbestos sector
I always had a strong interest in PCs and video games growing up so it seemed a natural progression for me to work in this field. As well as providing support I also learned how to use a number of software applications, especially graphic-design packages such as CAD, Photoshop and VISIO which really comes in handy now when generating drawings and schematics for Plans of Work. After a few years I was looking for a new challenge and started learning how to carry out asbestos removals and encapsulation alongside my brother-in-law and haven’t looked back.

Q: As part of your all-round education in the asbestos sector you had a spell managing a Waste Transfer Station – describe a typical day?
As wastes arrive my first task would be to check the integrity of the packaging and record details of each consignment such as class of ACM, source site address and consignment note numbers onto a spreadsheet for our returns to the Environment Agency which licenced the site. After that we would carefully place the wastes into 40-yard skip to maximise space. The area would be environmentally cleaned after each operation and air monitoring carried out. All staff would wear at least half-mask PPE at all times. When the skip was full, which would be every 3-4 days, we would arrange for it to be removed to landfill.

Q: You have considerable experience of remediating asbestos in London Underground premises – what was that like?
Different! Working for infrastructure maintenance companies such as MetroNet, Tublines and Bombardier rather than London Underground direct we would be involved in removing or encapsulating asbestos throughout LU assets from tunnel rings to rope gaskets, cable and pipe insulation, AIB in risers and cupboards and even from air scoops below the tracks. Because of the added health & safety risks such as lone working, confined spaces and live services, the work was highly regulated. We always worked teams of two or more, were accompanied and supervised continuously and subject to permits to work for everything. Work would always be scheduled in short busts – two to two and a half hours max so we could vacate the area at 3am to allow the cleaners in before the lines opened again at 5:30am.

Q: What do you get up to in your spare time?
I developed a love for Science Fiction as a child – sparked by the original Star Trek TV series and films such as Tron. I am a bit of an aficionado of SciFi B-movies these days and like to take my kids to the conventions like Comic Com.