Meet the Team - David DeMore

David joined Clifford Devlin in September 2020 as its new Transport Manager. He is responsible for maintaining compliance and managing the company’s fleet of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), vans and cars, used by site and office-based staff. David has been involved in logistics and vehicle management for nearly 25 years for various companies involved in plant hire, waste management, recovery and haulage. He holds an advanced driver’s licence as well as number of industry credentials such as CPC (National Road Haulage), FORS Practitioner and is a recognised Accident Incident Fraud & Claims Investigator

What attracted you to this position?
I had been looking for a new challenge for a while. The vacancy caught my eye as it matched my skill-set but offered me the opportunity to work in a new industry sector, construction. It has also given me the chance to work for a forward-thinking company which has established management systems in place and a strong record for doing things the right way.

How have the first few weeks been?
In a word, hectic! The company’s FORS Silver accreditation was due for renewal in November so I have had to hit the ground running and get up-to-speed quickly with its data and documentation. The audit was a base assessment so it involved a site visit by FORS assessors. They could decide to evaluate any aspect so I needed to be prepared for anything and everything.

What do you feel you can bring to this role?
My experience will count for much but also my approach. My motto is that a fleet is only as good as the drivers that use it, so my key focus will be driver competency. Regardless of a driver’s credentials I always like to see them in action for myself. Driver assessments at the induction stage, in which I will accompany an operative to an actual job, allows me to observe their driving skills and style in-person. Thereafter we will continuously monitor their performance by evaluating data from the company’s vehicle tracking software installed on each vehicle. Clifford Devlin use Mix Telematics which provides data on fuel usage, speed tracking and driver efficiency etc. which will help me to identify areas where they can improve to enhance safety as well as minimising costs and the carbon footprint of Clifford Devlin’s logistics.

You spend three years running a Waste Transfer Station – what was your most unusual consignment?
I was taken-on to oversee and maintain the fleet and plant for London Waste in 2008 but eventually ended-up managing the operations of two recycling facilities at Watford and Islington. We trained operatives to inspect loads for contamination as they were discharged. While inspecting one such consignment of municipal waste from a local ASDA store our operative spotted a blue bag which looked odd and stopped work. On closer inspection it was found to contain the day’s takings from the supermarket – all thirty-three grand in cash! It gives a whole new meaning to the saying “waste of money”…

What do you do in your spare time?
Since a teenager I have been a big motorcycle enthusiast. My pride and joy is a Harley Davison XL120 which I’ve had for 4 years. It gets regular outings on the road via my membership of the Widow Sons Masonic Motor Bikers Association.