Clifford Devlin specialises in providing specialist enabling and refurbishment services to support the renovation of buildings that, because of their age, location or architectural significance, have protected (listed) status. We understand the importance of preserving the architectural integrity of the buildings internal and external features.

We have delivered a number of projects where some or all of the external elevations needed to be retained to conserve the historical character and continuity of the area. We have considerable experience of designing and installing complex temporary works including the design and installation of façade retention schemes.

We are also experienced in retaining, preserving and storing heritage features of listed buildings for use or reinstatement following the redevelopment.

Internal structures are typically protected by encasing them using plywood coverings or heavy-duty corrugated polythene throughout the project’s duration. Careful planning is often required to remove, store and reinstate architectural features during intrusive activities and parts of the building's fabric such as ornate panelling or tiling is often salvaged for re-use or to enable replicas to be created.

Our work on listed buildings often involves facilitating archaeological investigations and liaising with the various agencies such as English Heritage and the Museum of London Archaeological Service (MOLAS) to carefully excavate the sub-structure and recover artefacts or structures that have historical significance.

Case studies:

Strip-out & Demolition