At Clifford Devlin we fully appreciate the value of protecting, engaging and supporting the communities in which we work.

Developing community relations – explaining what is happening, and how it may affect the local community is essential to the smooth running of projects and minimising any concerns.

Our Project Managers will typically discuss the works in advance with representatives of the local community and we often publish and distribute a bulletin or newsletter to local residents and businesses to explain what is happening, why and when and who to contact for more information.

We have developed systems to minimise disturbance and disruption to the occupants of the immediate environment. It is always our intention that, where possible, local businesses, residents and visitors carry on with their normal routines, unaffected by the work we are carrying out.

We routinely register our sites with the Considerate Constructors Scheme – a voluntary Code of Practice set up by the industry in 1997 to improve its image.