Waste is a demolition contractor’s single biggest cost and so it has always made commercial as well as environmental sense for us to recover and re-use or recycle as much of it as possible. We have developed sophisticated procedures for collecting, segregating and recycling waste streams.

For each project we prepare and maintain a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) which estimates then records the quantities and destinations of each waste stream generated.

We apply the concept of the “Hierarchy of Waste” to guide and encourage us to reduce the amount of waste materials generated and recover maximum value from the wastes that are produced. Where possible we will try to re-use rather than recycle and recycle rather than send materials for energy recovery or landfill.

We also have developed a comprehensive database of approved suppliers of material recycling to help us process wastes generated during demolition and building works.

Based on data from our largest 10 demolition contracts in 2021 we recover and either re-use or recycle 98.4% of our demolition arisings. Most of the 1.6% that is landfilled is hazardous waste (i.e. asbestos containing material).