8 August 2012

Clifford Devlin has embraced the very latest information and communications technology to streamline its business processes and generate efficiencies which can be passed on to our clients.

Field-based operatives working on asbestos removal have been issued with tablet PCs that enable them to access the very latest technical information about the projects they are working on. Operatives can access the very latest site-pack data using the Android devices ensuring all information available on-site is completely up-to-date and relevant.

The 9.7” screen devices can be synchronised with systems on the main server via wireless or mobile Internet access.

Clifford Devlin’s in-house works processing system also supports GPS and route-planning technology which enables us to track the location of our field-based teams and manage our responsive services to ensure optimised speed and also minimise fuel expenditure and therefore the carbon footprint of our activities.

As well as having innovative air-tight compartments, purpose-built vehicles issued to our Asbestos Division this year have also been customised with state-of-the-art fuel management systems which detects and reports on the fuel expended during journeys. The tracking system evaluates a driver’s fuel-efficiency during a journey which will enable us to identify and improve the driving style of operatives and ultimately reduce the cost and environmental impact of our asbestos removal operations.