The demolition phase of a major programme to regenerate the Parkway district of Newbury Town Centre will involve all four of Clifford Devlin’s specialist Divisions.

“This is the first time all of our service disciplines have been integrated into a single project,” says Project Manager, Geoff Barlex, “The Parkway programme will involve asbestos removal, demolition, temporary works, drilling and sawing and truncated building works.

The project involves the demolition of twenty four offices and shops to make way for an £80m pedestrianised shopping centre, underground car park and 184 new homes which includes affordable housing.

Working alongside principal contractor, Costain, Clifford Devlin will be responsible for the removal of asbestos, installation of temporary works including façade retention schemes to support and maintain shop fronts and listed buildings.

The demolition phase proper is expected to start in late November and will include diamond drilling and saw cutting techniques to separate buildings, cut and carve slabs, create openings for doorways and windows. The Building Division will be involved in truncated works including the building of gable end walls, extensions, creating new entrances, walkways and finishing works on a new sub-station.

The £1.1 million project is expected to be completed in March 2009.