There is no better time to announce our new partnership with Mates In Mind than in April which is Stress Awareness Month. The campaign is designed to raise awareness about both the contributory factors and the solutions, as well as to reduce the stigma that surrounds stress and mental health.

3 in 5 employees experience mental health issues as a result of work, with construction workers 3.7 times more likely to take their own life than the average population.

As Mates in Mind supporters, Clifford Devlin will work alongside the leading charity to support and improve our workforces’ mental health. We will also be utilising the new resources on projects to tackle health inequalities and improve health and wellbeing.

By becoming a Mates in Mind Supporter, Clifford Devlin will gain access to mental health & wellbeing assessments, mental health general awareness programme – start the conversation, nationwide counsellors, communication and campaign material, technical support lines and a dedicated support manager.

Clifford Devlin will utilise this partnership to take advice on any initiatives or campaigns that we currently undertake or training that could help our mental health programme.