Client: London Borough of Enfield

Contract Administrator: Stace

Duration: 10 weeks

Principal Designer: Stace

Location: London N18

Value: £235k

Following a competitive tender Clifford Devlin were awarded a soft strip, asbestos removal, and demolition project in North London.

The site was used as a backdrop at an old American drive through movie theatre. The old drive through theatre was used to bring back the nostalgia of the 1950s and the golden age of Hollywood.

Works comprised -

  • Service disconnections
  • Erection of hoardings/fencing to secure site
  • Removal of any identified asbestos containing materials prior to demolition works
  • Erection of temporary works as necessary
  • Soft strip all structures
  • Scaffold erection
  • Demolition of structures down to ground slab level
  • Removal of slab
  • Crush material and stockpile onsite

To promote sustainability through circular economy, all arisings were segregated and recycled where possible. Clifford Devlin cleaned over 18,000 bricks for reuse during a later stage of development. Concrete and brick materials were processed and crushed on-site for reuse of the material. Furthermore, type 1 was used for building a new road and 6F2 for piling mats and over 18,000 bricks for reuse somewhere in the new development.

Block F was one of the first projects as part of the Council’s regeneration project named Meridian Water. Over its whole life cycle, Meridian Water will act as a catalyst for the development of local zero carbon supply chain that is based on the principles of a circular economy.