Client: Skanska

Value: £1.5 million

Duration: 9 months

Location: London SE1

Skanska appointed Clifford Devlin to carry out the enabling works at Borough Viaduct which involved the demolition of several structures to make way for a new section of viaduct and accommodate additional through traffic from London Bridge Station. The enabling works were sequenced in four distinct phases:

Phase 1: 16-26 Borough High Street

Following the strip out of various arches and removal of a few small structures (to make way for piling works) we commenced the demolition of a block of four-storey buildings on Borough High Street. Demolition was carried out in a careful, progressive manner on a top-down, floor-by-floor basis using hand-held tools to minimise noise, dust and vibration emissions to the surrounding area.

A T3 possession enabled us to erect a scaffold screen to the rail-facing elevation to prevent debris and dust from entering the live rail environment while the high level structure was demolished. This allowed most of the works to be completed alongside the operational railway in normal working hours.

Phase 2: Borough Market

A section of the new viaduct will pass through a section of the Borough Market and the next phase involved the removal of part of the Market's iconic roof (by others). A number of traders were relocated before we commenced carefully removing the polycarbonate glazed sections of the industrial roof which was not to be retained, concrete channels and finally dismantling and removing the roof's steel trusses. Our Asbestos Division was called in to remove ACMs from roof vents under controlled conditions.

Phases 3/4

Phases 3 and 4 involved the demolition of 3 blocks in Bedale Street, the removal of the roof and top floor of the Wheatsheaf Public House and the demolition of a 4-storey retail/office block at 11-15 Borough High Street. This requires the installation of a steel-frame temporary works to support the adjacent structure which bordered the main road.

Despite discharging one of the more high risk and technically demanding phases of the project  Clifford Devlin was awarded Skanska's monthly safety award for topping its sub-contractor health & safety league table at the Borough Viaduct project.


We found Clifford Devlin to be a very professional and competent partner during the enabling phase of the Borough Viaduct project. They were proactive in devising solutions to the many obstacles we have encountered and successfully minimised disruption to the local community during the demolition of High Street premises with very few, if any, complaints raised by occupants of the adjoining Borough Market.
Susan Fitzpatrick, Project Manager, Skanska