Client: Landsec

Duration: 6 weeks

Location: Somerset

We won a mini-tender to carry out a challenging asbestos removal project to decontaminate ACM residues identified in an undercroft at Clarks Village outlet centre in Somerset. The works were scheduled to enable some routine maintenance to take place safely.

The decontamination involved removal of insulation and residues from older pipework installations located throughout service ducts and tunnels in the unit's basement and the electrical plant room. Following disconnection of live services, the areas were sheeted over to create smoke-tested airtight enclosures complete with negative pressure units.

Under fully controlled conditions, redundant pipework was cut, wrapped and removed in-situ while debris and other items including MMMF insulation, rubbish and abandoned fixtures or fittings were removed by hand, double-bagged, stored in lockable skips on-site and ultimately disposed as contaminated wastes.

The area was then environmentally cleaned with anti-static tac-rags and H-type vacuums. Insulation debris identified on walls in the electrical plant room was also removed under fully controlled conditions. The works in both the basement and plant room were remotely monitored using CCTV.

Clifford Devlin has been a framework asbestos contractor for Landsec for over 10 years. Clarks Village, which was acquired by Landsec in 2017, opened in 1993 and is home to more than 90 stores on the site of old C&J Clark factory buildings.


Clifford Devlin delivered this challenging project safely and successfully. Extensive planning was undertaken to sequence the works carefully to account for time constraints and the fact that the retail park remained occupied throughout.
David Tucker, HSS Business Partner, Landsec