Client: Designer Group

Duration: 9 Months

Value: £600k

Location: London SW1

In response to the growing emphasis on fire safety compliance, Clifford Devlin Fire Protection Ltd were enlisted to deliver a comprehensive solution for the installation of fire-rated ductwork insulation.

Our various projects are aimed to meet stringent standards, including EN1366 and BS476, ensuring optimal fire resistance and safety measures for both tenant and kitchen smoke extract ventilation systems.

Our team conducted a detailed site assessment to identify critical areas that required fire-rated ductwork insulation. This step was crucial to creating a customised plan that addressed the unique aspects of the installations.

The installation process was meticulously planned and executed to guarantee compliance and the highest level of fire safety.

Relying on our expertise, we carefully selected fire-rated insulation materials that met the site specific standards.

These materials were chosen for their durability, thermal performance, and, most importantly, their ability to withstand and contain fire.

The projects posed several challenges, including the need to adhere to both EN1366 and BS476 standards, ensuring that the installed ductwork insulation met the highest industry benchmarks.