Client: Indigo Facilities

Duration: 4 Weeks

Value: Under £100k

Location: London EC1

Clifford Devlin was entrusted with the responsibility of executing the replacement of fire doors, a crucial aspect of enhancing the overall safety and compliance of the 12 storey legal offices.

This comprehensive undertaking involved the meticulous removal of the existing damaged fire doors, followed by the installation of new, top-tier fire doors accredited by both FIRAS and UKAS, ensuring the highest standards of fire safety.

In close collaboration with our client, we conducted a detailed assessment to identify specific requirements and preferences, allowing us to tailor our approach to the supply and fitting of fire-rated doors.

This collaborative effort ensured that the selected fire doors not only met industry standards but also aligned seamlessly with the unique needs of the client and the operational requirements of the space.

Recognising the importance of minimizing disruption, particularly in operational environments, our dedicated team executed the entire project  outside of regular business hours. This strategic scheduling allowed us to seamlessly integrate the replacement of fire doors without compromising the daily activities of the client's facility.

Throughout this project, our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry accreditations reinforced the reliability and effectiveness of the fire doors installed, contributing significantly to the overall safety and compliance of the premises.