Client: Kings College Hospital Foundation Trust

Duration: 8 weeks

Value: £188,990

Location: Orpington

The works were carried out on behalf of the Kings College Hospital Foundation Trust and consisted of an enabling package of works to facilitate placing of a new modular theatre complex at Orpington Hospital. The installation is eventually to be linked into the Canada Wing at the hospital, in the next phase of works. The Canada Wing is the primary building at this NHS location.

Carrying out the work required our delivery team to work closely with the hospital’s logistics team, as the area immediately adjacent to the proposed new build site, serves the hospital for essential deliveries and some overflow parking. Ensuring our work did not interfere or negatively impact the smooth running of the hospital was a paramount consideration.

The Canada Wing and the remainder of the hospital site stayed operational and was used throughout by the public, staff and visitors to the hospital during the works.

Following the completion of a specialist ground penetrating radar survey exercise to identify any sub-terranean utilities, the foundations for the modular structure were set out and excavated to a depth of 1.5m. Spoil arising from the excavation was removed off site on a continuous basis, as there was very limited room for stock piling. Having made provision for drainage installation, the concrete foundations were poured sequentially and allowed to cure. With the foundations completed, our team followed on with the installation of formwork, allowing concrete stub columns to be created. Finally, all of the relevant drainage connections were completed and tested and the site handed back to the client.