Client: Dartford Borough Council

Contract Administrator: Ingleton Wood

Duration: Phase 1 - 23 weeks. Phase 2 - TBC.

Principal Designer: Ingleton Wood

Location: Dartford DA1

Following an inspection of the Orchard Theatre during planning for upgrade works, surveyors representing Dartford Borough Council made a significant discovery of RAAC concentrate in the roof.

Given the ongoing concerns surrounding this product in recent months, a swift decision was made to immediately close the theatre.

Clifford Devlin was subsequently engaged to collaborate with the council and all relevant stakeholders and an impact mitigation strategy was developed which included planning for a roof replacement scheme. The works will be carried out by Clifford Devlin's demolition and construction division. The advantage of having both demolition and construction divisions under one roof will be evident in the seamless transition between the phases. 

The works include:

  • Secure compound
  • Structural investigations
  • Removal of fixed furniture to off site storage
  • Erect scaffold to theatre ceiling
  • Comprehensive R&D assessment of not only the auditorium but also all proposed construction areas.
  • Stripping out the theatre auditorium ceiling and its mechanical and electrical (M&E) components while working from a birdcage scaffold involves a systematic process to ensure safety, efficiency, and proper waste disposal.
  • Demolishing the RAAC (Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) panels from the theatre roof
  • Site is cleared, a thorough clean-up will be conducted to ensure no debris or hazardous materials are left behind and a final inspection is carried out
  • On completion of the phase 1 demolition works, we will hand over the project internally to our in house building division to undertake the installation of the new roof, M&E and Acoustic ceiling for the theatre.

Throughout the entire process, safety precautions and environmental considerations will be paramount. Dust management will in place at all times and monitored in accordance with the client's requirements.