13 October 2020

Clifford Devlin takes its responsibilities as a contractor and employer seriously and we understand the obligation and value of engaging with the communities we serve. We therefore took the opportunity to reach out and connect at this particularly challenging time.

During the initial ‘lockdown’ in March we launched a ‘Make a Site Safety Poster’ campaign asking the children of members of staff and customers to enter a competition to design posters to be used on site that remind everyone about what we all needed to do, to prevent the spread of the virus.

The winning entries were converted to signs and distributed to our various sites around London and the South East. The winners included Grace, aged 9, whose design was displayed on our hoardings at a cliff stabilisation project in Dartford, close to where Grace and her family live.
A huge thanks to all those that contributed including Thomas, Lily-Rae, PJ, Aimee, Ben, Annie, Emilie, Scarlet, Henry, Florence and Madelline who range in age from 1 to 12. They all received a giant colouring set to continue their good work, some Amazon vouchers and a box of Heroes chocolates.

To demonstrate our appreciation for those risking their lives on the frontline, just before the lockdown in March we agreed to buy breakfast or lunch for any first responders using ‘Doorsteps’ cafe in Bow. Unfortunately the Cafe was forced to close its doors a few days later but we re-instated the offer when the lockdown was eased in June. So to any first responder wearing uniform or with formal ID that frequented Doorsteps we said a big thank you and your breakfast or lunch was on us!