19 January 2015

In January we took possession of a new skip lorry which is fully complaint with the new Euro 6 emissions regulations. The lorry will be used to collect and transport wastes generated at demolition sites throughout the capital.

Euro 6 is the latest diesel engine emission legislation being driven by the European Commission. Since 1993, when the very first ‘Euro 1’ was published, the European Commission has regulated the amount of pollutants coming out of the tail-pipe of a diesel engine. In particular, the Commission identified two key constituents within the exhaust stream – Oxides of Nitrogen or ‘NOx’, and ‘Particulate Matter (PM) – as being harmful, and which needed to be controlled and reduced.

Euro 6 diesel regulations, which came into force for all new trucks and buses registered from 1 January 2014 is cleaner than ever before, with permitted NOx and PM levels reduced by 75% and 99% respectively.

Clifford Devlin’s commitment to sustainability is well established. All of our environmental activities are governed by an Environmental Management System which is certificated against ISO 14001. Environmental plans are prepared for all major projects which document measures to be taken to minimise our impact on the local environment and their consequences for Global Climate Change. Issues we address include: waste management, pollution emissions, traffic management, carbon footprinting, biodiversity and materials consumption.

Our commitment to monitoring, recording and reporting environmental data during projects helps us to contribute to the achievement of sustainability targets such as BREEAM, Ska, Code for Sustainable Homes and CEEQUAL.