Project Description

Location: High Wycombe

Value: £3.6 million

Duration: 18 months

Clifford Devlin won a competitive tender to carry out repair and replacement of areas throughout all levels of the site's underground car park identified by the site's structural engineering team as damaged or worn.

This was followed by the application of a series of Sika waterproofing products, to enhance the environment within the car park, as well as adding protection to the structure, for the future.

Following disconnection of services (electricity and sprinkler system) a crash deck system was installed to support the areas of the structure where sections of the concrete slab would be removed. New reinforced concrete sections were then installed.

Many areas required surface repairs whereby the top layer of the concrete structure were removed and repaired using the Sika system.

A general sequence of work for each phase consisted of:

  • Removal of existing sprayed fibre fire protection system from car park soffits and application of 15mm coating of Promat Mandolite CP2 cementitious spray to enhance fire protection
  • Following preparation of the surfaces, damaged concrete sections were either removed (using saw cutting) and replaced including the installation of high-tensile steel reinforcement or surfaces repaired using manual techniques with all areas re-instated using a combination of Sika repair products, with all areas having the Sika water-proof system finish applied
  • Application of anti carbonation paint to all walls, columns and ceiling soffits
  • A new lighting system installed and line markings re-instated
  • In addition the original scope of work, the client took the opportunity to upgrade other resources on site.
  • A new MOE staircase has been installed
  • 'Smiley/Sad' face electronic speed warning signs have been added to the main car park routes
  • Two new bike racks have been installed, one at the front and one at the rear of the office buildings
  • A new louvre system has been installed in the car park to prevent ingress of water during inclement weather, whilst maintaining requisite levels of ventilation

A traffic management plan was prepared and submitted for approval in advance. This included the creation of new temporary car park spaces, signage, temporary line marking and use of temporary traffic lights and traffic marshals to safely direct/assist drivers and pedestrians throughout the works.

Noisy works were scheduled out-of-hours and acoustic screens installed to minimise noise emissions.